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So after a long, unannounced hiatus, I'm... sort of back. I'll be on and off and stuff, as well as submitting some artwork I've made while I've been gone. 
Cafe-au-Monstres: Arashi by Trial-Of-The-Dragon
Cafe-au-Monstres: Arashi

Bullet; Pink Basic Information

        Age: Appears to be in mid-late 20s, is actually 100 years old
        Gender: Male
        Species: Raiju
        Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
        Favorite Menu Item: Hot Choke-O with whipped cream

Bullet; Pink Appearance

        Height • Weight: 
6'2//Weightless (Raiju are composed of lightning, which does not weigh anything)
        Body Type: Muscular, Toned Arms & Legs
        Skin Tone: Silver
        Hair Colour: White w/ Pale Blue Highlights (Hair), White (Fur)
        Eye Colour: Electric Blue
        Tattoo(s): N/A
        Piercing(s): N/A
        Scars/Birthmark(s): Stripe markings under eyes
        Notable Feature(s): Weasel tail & ears, furry arms & legs, clawed hands & feet

Bullet; Pink Personal Background

+Fluffy Things
+Working Out
-Metal Objects 
-Salty Foods
-Being Alone
Bullet; Yellow Being a lightning spirit, Arashi can summon and control lightning to some extent, although this ability is limited, he can tire out very easily.
Bullet; Yellow Arashi has two forms: Humanoid and feral. His feral form is like a "confined" form, and because it's difficult to keep all of his energy confined into a smaller space, he prefers his humanoid form. 
Bullet; Yellow Arashi is very athletic and is especially fast, although not any faster than is possible for a human being. He enjoys working out (even if he doesn't necessarily need to)
Bullet; Yellow He's surprisingly good at singing, although he doesn't really like to sing around others and becomes a bit flustered if someone hears him.

Bullet; Yellow Arashi enjoys sleeping, but he can only seem to sleep with his head propped up on a person's abdomen, since his kind is known for sleeping in (he can only do this in his feral form) or around people's navels. This can obviously be annoying to his 'victims'.
Bullet; Yellow Arashi has a bit of a temper on him, and even though it is more prominent during stormy weather, it's a good idea to avoid angering him at any time, as he has difficulty controlling his temper.
Bullet; Yellow When he gets wet, he loses his ability to actively control his powers, and instead, he sparks electricity here and there without being able to control it until he dries off.
Bullet; Yellow He's not very intelligent, things like figurative speech need to be explained to him or else he won't get it. He also doesn't understand math at all, it just flies right over his head.
Bullet; Yellow He has a HORRIBLE fashion sense, he doesn't understand that certain things should just not be worn with something else, and he probably won't listen even if you tell him that no, it's probably not a good idea to wear a hoodie with shorts. 

Bullet; Yellow 
Awkward: Arashi has not much of an idea of how to interact with people, and often makes people feel uncomfortable by invading their personal space or acting a bit rude without realizing it. He tries his best to mind his manners, but can sometimes slip up.
Bullet; Yellow Unpredictable: Arashi's behavior is a bit erratic. He can be calm one moment, and then hyped up the next. Although his behavior is normally linked to the weather, like a storm, Arashi's behavior cannot be 100% predictable. 
Bullet; Yellow Sociable: Despite his erratic behavior and bad manners, Arashi loves to socialize, and is very much an extrovert. 
Bullet; Yellow Laid-back: When he's in a calm mood, Arashi is pretty laid back and likes to relax.
Bullet; Yellow Softie: Despite his intimidating appearance, Arashi can be a bit of a softie when he's calm. He loves cute animals and fluffy things, and also cuddles (if you cuddle him you are going to get shocked a little bit, be careful)

Bullet; Pink Relationships
None Yet 

Bullet; Pink Extra Information:
Komorebi-Garden: Kenneth RP Tracker by Trial-Of-The-Dragon
Komorebi-Garden: Kenneth RP Tracker

🌼 Status: Single

🌼 Orientation: Pansexual

🌼 Interests: 

🌼 Relationships:
Bullet; Purple Relative / Relative-like
Bullet; White Neutral
Bullet; WhiteBullet; White Confused
Bullet; Blue Acquaintance
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Friend
Bullet; Green Good friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Best friend
Bullet; Yellow Infatuation
Bullet; Orange Crush
Bullet; Pink Love
Bullet; Red Discomfort/Dislike
Bullet; Black Despise

Name of the character :: : owner's da: // (bullets) // "Thoughts on the other character..." 

🌼 RP Methods: 
I prefer literate, but if you use script I'm willing to do that to make you more comfortable

Skype (Note me for my username)
dA Chat 
Pokehost: Art Style Test by Trial-Of-The-Dragon
Pokehost: Art Style Test
so caticoo showed me a tutorial on how to make lineart from a traditional drawing and i had to jump on it
it's really convenient and it looks nice
So after a long, unannounced hiatus, I'm... sort of back. I'll be on and off and stuff, as well as submitting some artwork I've made while I've been gone. 


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Nuggetcat Customs
My closed species. All customs will be 50 points for now.

Examples: Owain Nuggetcat by Trial-Of-The-Dragon Spoopy Nuggetcat Adopts (OPEN) by Trial-Of-The-Dragon


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