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Themed Nuggetcat Suggestions? 

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PKMN-Persona: Battle Panties Meme by Trial-Of-The-Dragon
PKMN-Persona: Battle Panties Meme
Draw your character wearing battle panties! For some reason! Battle panties are basically an armor bikini. it's a type of armor from persona 3, it is absolutely ridiculous and i love it. Example/Reference of battle panties:… Feel free to draw it however you want, though, as long as it fits the basic idea. And yes, you can do this meme with male characters.
PKMN-Persona: Battle Panties by Trial-Of-The-Dragon
PKMN-Persona: Battle Panties
ohhh boy here comes the battle panties
i might make this into a meme so everyone can draw their characters in insanely impractical sexy armor like this
idk if this requires mature content or not? none of the naughty bits are actually showing so why would i need it
Okami Amaterasu by Trial-Of-The-Dragon
Okami Amaterasu
i used an actual screenshot from the game for the background c apcom please do n't sue me
AutumnPine-Haven: Ivy (WIP) by Trial-Of-The-Dragon
AutumnPine-Haven: Ivy (WIP)
too lazy to finish the written part so i will just stick this here and finish it later

but look at this agender nymph child th ey are adorable


Name: Hedera Algeriensis (the scientific name for algerian ivy)
--Title: //What is your character 's title?//
--Nickname: Ivy
Race: Nymph
--Species: Forest Nymph
Sex: Male
--Gender: Agender
Color:  Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Purple Bullet; Blue 
Room: A1 (but is known to sleep in the garden sometimes)
Origin: The Mediterranean Coast

Ivy appears to be a short, tan-skinned child with ivy leaves wrapped around them, and a large ivy leaf covering their nether regions due to the fact that they do not wear clothes. They have pale green hair and golden eyes. They wear a dark green headband with a red flower attached to it.
--Birth: exact day of birth unknown, but sprouted sometime in April of 1996 (17 years old)
--Height: 4'4''
--Weight: 96 pounds 

Overall, Ivy is very soft-spoken and quiet. They don't like to talk to people much. They are very friendly towards those that they manage to warm up to, and 
Bullet; Green Kind
Bullet; Green Gentle

Bullet; Green Introverted 
Bullet; Green Quiet
Bullet; Green EXTREMELY shy

n/a but they will probably have 1000000 pets once they get the chance tbh

Overall, most of Ivy's interests are nature-oriented. They like anything and everything to do with nature, and dislike things that have to do with harming nature.
Bullet; Green playing with makeup
Bullet; Green planting flowers
Bullet; Green tending to flowers/plants
Bullet; Green Flowers
Bullet; Green Plants
Bullet; Green Nature
Bullet; Green Animals
Bullet; Green Sunlight
Bullet; Green Water
Bullet; Green Fire
Bullet; Green Darkness
Bullet; Green People who pollute/harm the environment 
Bullet; Green Polluted air/water

// for space's sake, write out your character's backstory in a journal then paste the link here //
--First arrival

Bullet; Green Will wear clothes if asked, but refuses to wear clothing fashioned out of plant material (cotton, hemp, etc.) and can tell if clothing is made out of such material
Bullet; Green Also refuses to use objects made out of wood. ( wow ivy ur so picky )
Bullet; Green Does not need to eat, instead gets their nutrition from sunbathing
Bullet; Green Has the ability to speak to animals
PKMN-Persona: Izanagi by Trial-Of-The-Dragon
PKMN-Persona: Izanagi
Name: Izanagi Kazehaya
Persona Name: Amon Ra
Arcana: Emperor 

Species: Bisharp
Ability: Pressure
Persona Species: Luxray/Gogoat
Preferred Weapon Type: Naginata
Bullet; Red Guillotine
Bullet; Red Iron Head
Bullet; Red Night Slash
Bullet; Red Iron Defense

Persona Moveset: 
Bullet; Red Thunder Fang 
Bullet; Red Crunch
Bullet; Red Aerial Ace
Bullet; Red Earthquake

Bullet; Red Quiet
Bullet; Red Mysterious
Bullet; Red Overprotective
Bullet; Red Short-tempered
Bullet; Red Kind (to those he knows well)
Bullet; Red Can be bashful at times

Izanagi was born to a low-income family in the slums of Goldenrod City. Due to circumstances shrouded in mystery, Izanagi was sent to live in an institution for orphaned and unwanted children. He mostly kept to himself, and never seemed to talk to anyone... But he had one friend: a teddiursa boy named Kamui. Kamui was seen as an odd child, some thought that he was hopeless. But Izanagi believed in Kamui. Nobody was quite sure what he saw in the younger boy, but he became close to him, to the point where nobody dared approached Kamui with ill intentions in fear of meeting the wrath of his "bodyguard." When they reached high school, Izanagi began to develop... strange feelings for the teddiursa. Feelings that went deeper than their friendship. Yet, he shut them down and hid them away deep in his heart. To this day, he and Kamui are close friends... Yet deep inside, Izanagi longs for more.

no homo? more like full homo

Condition: Great
Charm: 3
Intelligence: 6
Courage: 6

Rank 1:
Rank 2:
Rank 3:
Rank 4:
Rank 5: 
Rank 6: 
Rank 7:
Rank 8:
Rank 9:
Rank 10:

Based (more like directly copied from??? probably???) on one of my :iconpkmn-awakening: characters, who shares the same name.
Sings with a baritone voice
Has many scars due to fights with gang members (most of these fights stem from him trying to protect Kamui)

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5. Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you.
6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that".
7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
8. No tag-backs.
9. You can't say that you don't do tags.

10. You MUST make a journal entry!

1. I have a pet guinea pig. He is a fatass. 
2. I have the INFP personality type. apparently.
3. My favorite food is strawberry yogurt. for some reason. 
4. My ultiOTP is Kanji x Naoto from persona 4. It is a ship that exists outside of this plane of existence. It is the ultimate ship. 
5. My favorite FE:A character (besides Chrom and his spawn) is Lissa. She is adorable and I want to take her home and brush her hair and HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
6. My favorite pokemon of all time is Reuniclus. It is an adorable jelly bby and i want to squish it and hug it forever.
7. I cried when I first started playing Alpha Sapphire. (the original Sapphire was my first pokemon game. Nostalgia to the max.)
8. I sprained my ankle last Friday.
9. I have plushies and keychains of every eeveelution+eevee. I got them for Christmas.
10. I'm afraid of black holes for some reason?????????

1. Pick a video game. Now, you have to make it through the plot of the game and survive, while bringing one of your OCs with you. What is the game and who is the OC?
Fire Emblem Awakening so i can marry Chrom and I'm going to bring Izanagi because he'd kick the asses of anyone who would try to hurt me.

2. Pepsi or Coke? Or neither? Or both?
There's not really any difference in my opinion. I like both.

3. If you were on fire and the only way to put yourself out was by jumping in an ocean but you couldn't swim, would you burn or drown?
i would drown
i am terrified of fire
fucking fire
4. Pick a fictional character (OC, Canon character from any fandom, etc.) that in your opinion, is not a person to be fucked with.
she is a cute robot yes but she will shoot bullets up ur ass if u mess with her or door-kun
5. Are you gullible/naive?
6. Do you dream in black and white, or do you dream in skittles color?
7. WHAT TEAM?????
team potato
8. Best joke you've ever heard?
i don't know 
9. Have you ever cried over the ending of a video game? Don't you dare lie
10. Favorite fairytale growing up?
i was always fond of the little mermaid even though the actual original fairytail is kind of terrifying ahahahahaha the movie's cute tho

My Questions to You:

1. What's your favorite pokemon? (if you don't like/play pokemon, your favorite animal is fine)
2. What's your favorite video game?
3. Favorite meme?
4. Why did the chicken cross the road? 
5. Do you prefer waffles or pancakes?
6. What's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you?
7. The last thing you ate?
8. Favorite fictional character(s)? (OCs are fine)
9. What is your favorite number?
10. Do you like potatoes? you like potatoes don't lie


nobody bcuz i'm lazy


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Nuggetcat Customs
My closed species. All customs will be 50 points for now.

Examples: Owain Nuggetcat by Trial-Of-The-Dragon Spoopy Nuggetcat Adopts (OPEN) by Trial-Of-The-Dragon


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