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Lonely-Dreamers: Reverie by Trial-Of-The-Dragon
Lonely-Dreamers: Reverie

★ Name: Reverie
★ Nickname/Alias: Ri (close friends only)

★ Dreamer Type: Dream Person

★ Sex: Female
★ Age: 20
★ Birthday: June 15th
★ Personality: Reverie is a quiet, introverted dream person that has a lot of trouble interacting with others. She cries often, especially when she feels like she has screwed up something. Even though she distances herself from others, she yearns for company of people who are gentle and kind to her, but has trouble speaking to anyone in the first place. This is because of her lack of self-confidence and fear of screwing up. She is often seen lost in thought, with her head in the clouds, and will become startled if she is interrupted. When she isn't daydreaming or hiding away, she can be found interacting with animals, who she seems to be very fond of. She dislikes when people mistreat animals, in fact, it is one of the only things that will make her actually angry, besides people being mean to those she cares deeply about. 

★ History: Reverie, being a dream person, has lived in the dream world all of her life. She has never thought about leaving it, as it would be very difficult for her to form even a casual relationship with someone due to her extreme shyness, let alone a bond strong enough to send her into the regular world. She has accepted this fact, but deep inside, she wishes to become a real person.

★ Height: 5'4
★ Weight: 110 lb

★ Likes: 
Bullet; Green Animals
Bullet; Green Plants
Bullet; Green Being Alone
Bullet; Green Reading
Bullet; Green Anything soft

★ Dislikes: 
Bullet; Red 
Bullet; Red Loud Noises
Bullet; Red Being touched without her permission
Bullet; Red Being yelled at
Bullet; Red People who hurt animals/people she cares about

★ Tokens: None

★ Relationships 

★ Status: Single, may be looking, but unsure
★ Orientation: Asexual Panromantic
★ Interests: 
Bullet; Purple People who are gentle
Bullet; Purple People who like to hug
Bullet; Purple People who will comfort her when she cries
Bullet; Purple People with soft hair

★ Relationship Ranks:

Bullet; Purple Relative / Relative-like
Bullet; White Neutral
Bullet; WhiteBullet; White Likes
Bullet; Blue Acquaintance
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Friend
Bullet; Green Good friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Best friend
Bullet; Yellow Crush
Bullet; Orange Lust
Bullet; Pink Love
Bullet; Red Discomfort
Bullet; Black Despise

None Yet

★ RP Methods: 
-Paragraph Form
-Prefers notes, deviantart chat, or skype chat (note me if you want my skype!)

★ RP Sample: to be added

★ Timezone: Central Time

★ Extra:  to be added
Pocket-Felines: Nona by Trial-Of-The-Dragon
Pocket-Felines: Nona
Name: Nona
Gender: Female
Species (Pokemon): Solosis
Type: Psychic 
Age: 19
Rank: Nurse
Housing #: 
Bullet; Pink Psywave
Bullet; Pink Reflect
Bullet; White Hidden Power (Ice Type)
Bullet; White Recover
Bullet; Purple Bossy: Nona likes to be in control. Even to her higher-ups, Nona tends to exhibit bossy qualities and isn't afraid to do so. She has a sort of superiority complex and feels like she's entitled to be able to just push everyone around. Despite this, she sometimes realizes the fault of her behavior and shuts her mouth... but not often.
Bullet; Purple Hard-working: Nona values her work more than anything else, not soley because she likes to help others (it is a factor, however), but because she takes a certain pride in herself when she does well. She often works late nights when nobody else wants to, and takes great pride in that fact.
Bullet; Purple Prideful: Nona is very prideful in herself and her accomplishments. She is known to boast about them openly, but knows when to stop as to avoid annoying everyone on the entire island. Some say she has a big ego, which is somewhat true, but it is simply something she has built in order to disguise insecurities.
Bullet; Purple Deliberate: Nona is intentional in almost everything she does. Every action she takes usually has an intention behind it, and she plans carefully through each action. However, sometimes her actions are almost TOO planned out, and when things happen that she doesn't expect to happen, she tends to get herself in sticky situations. 
Bullet; Purple Self-Concious: Nona's large ego and pride is simply a sort of way to hide her self-conciousness about herself, especially her disability of having only 2 legs. She doesn't open up about these feelings to very many, as most people who she has in the past haven't been very sensitive about it. She pretends to not hear the taunting and teasing, but it always eventually gets to her.

Held Item: Evolite

Background History 

Nona was born in the Pinwheel Forest in the Unova region. Her parents abandoned her at birth, as she possesed no hind legs, and was expected to die anyway. However, Nona was strong and determined from the very start, and was lucky enough to find a safe haven in the forest known as Rumination Field, where the pokemon Virizon resided and guarded pokemon who needed safety. Nona practiced using her psychic powers to assist her in getting around, and eventually, was able to navigate as well as a normal cat, at least for a certain period of time, before getting exhausted. She resented having to be dependant on other pokemon, for the most part. But she had one friend, a bulbasaur cat named Quin, who she trusted completely. Quin, despite being 4 years younger than Nona, was her closest friend, and when Nona decided she wanted to leave the forest and see the world, Quin insisted on coming along to help Nona if she needed it. 

The two poke-cats traveled the Unova region for some time, mostly because of Nona being tired of being cooped up in the same place for years and years, ever since her youth. However, things took a turn for the worse when Nona mysteriously dissapeared. She had been taken by a mysterious group, known as Team Plasma, who were supposedly studying poke-cats for unknown reasons. Nona, being stronger now than she had ever been before, managed to escape from her cage by using her psychic powers, and just barely escaped without being noticed. When she was reunited with Quin, she was very weak and could barely use her psychic powers to get around. Quin insisted that they find a safe place to stay, far, far away from humans. Nona, who didn't want to be caught in the same ordeal again, agreed. Thus, the two traveled to Cianwood Island, where they now live, still friends.
(note: Quin is my friend :iconsuper-anime-freak:'s oc who she is submitting to the group as well)

Bullet; Black Bullet; Black Hate
Bullet; Black Dislike
Bullet; White Stranger
Bullet; Purple Acquaintance
Bullet; Yellow Friend
Bullet; Orange Best Friend
Bullet; Pink Crush
Bullet; Red Love
Bullet; Green Family

Bullet; OrangeBullet; Pink Quin (link to app TBA)

RP example:
(from :icongijinka-despairland:, bold is me, not bold is friend)

There she was. The corpse that was her closest friend. Yuko simply looked at the body, unable to touch it or any of the blood around her without risking her already poor health. She smiled sadly. Perhaps in whatever place one went after death, she was alright. Sitting down, the fluffy white cloak that wrapped her body spread around her in a circle as she placed her palms on the ground around her. Hopefully she wouldn't faint like she usually did.

The ghost of Yukiko sat on one of the beams that supported the ride, staring down at Yuko. She had tried in vain to communicate with anyone who had entered the ride, so she didn't know if it would be worth it this time. But she figured it was worth a try. She began singing in Japanese.

Yuko blinked. Was someone else here, too? "Hm? Is somebody there?" she called, trying to find the source of the lovely singing.

"Huh? You can hear me...?" Yukiko stopped singing abruptly, clearly surprised. She leapt down from the pillar and stood next to her corpse. Her form was transparent, making it blatantly obvious she was a spirit or a ghost of some sort. She blinked slowly at her friend, unsure what to say.

The spewpa smiled gently and nodded. "Or at least I think I do. I hope I'm not hallucinating."

"...I don't think so. Am I hallucinating? I'm pretty sure I'm dead, but I'm here. Somehow." She tried poking her corpse's face, but her hand just went straight through, although the sensation was rather strange compared to when she touched other things. "...huh. You're the first person who's able to see or hear me. Everyone else just gets confused when I try calling out to them, say something about wind or something..."

"That's rather strange. I wish I knew why that was. At least you aren't as lonely, right?" Yuko asked.

 "I suppose." Yukiko smiled and sat on the ground next to Yuko. She didn't quite touch the ground, hovering a mere few inches off the ground. "I'm actually glad you can hear me... there were things I wanted to talk to you about, but I never did.." Her pale, ghostly face became tinted a light pink.

"Oh? If it would make you happy, we could talk about them now."


Her name comes from the latin word nonaginta, which means ninety in Latin.
Her psychic powers are significantly more developed than the average solosis due to extensive use, as she must use them to get around more easily.
She became a nurse because it is the only job she can perform easily with the lack of hind legs. She also wished to be able to assist her friend Quin, who has asthma.
Her eyes glow when she uses her psychic powers. 
gijinka-despairland: Never Alone by Trial-Of-The-Dragon
gijinka-despairland: Never Alone
hmm does this mean something? why is yukiko standing there why is she sparkling. it is a mystery

Asuka belongs to :iconwildcatprincess4ever:
Yukiko belongs to me
A young lucario walked down the street, humming to himself. He had dark blue hair, blue eyes, and wore a ridiculously tacky houndstooth print shirt and khaki shorts. A gentle breeze blew in his direction, and he yawned. "Mm... nice weather." He said to himself. The sun was setting behind the hills to the west, casting an orangish light on everything. Chrom, deciding he had nothing better to do, decided to go get a drink at the local bar. He had just recently turned 21, so he didn't really have a habit of drinking, but it was nice to wind down every once in a while. As he walked into the local bar on the street corner, he took a good look around, since he hadn't been there before. There weren't any other people there except a very short joltik who he swore was too young to be drinking, and a floette who kept trying to flirt with the bartender. He sat down and waited to be noticed.

The bartender noticed Chrom, and sighed in relief, glad she didn't have to put up with the stupid floette for at least a minute. "...What can I get you?" 

Chrom turned towards the bartender. "Huh?" He suddenly felt weak in the knees. She was gorgeous. A gardevoir... a shiny one, it seemed. Her bright blue hair was long, really long. Even though it was tied up, it still reached to her back. Her eyes were bright orange and glimmered in the low light of the bar. He didn't know how to react. "Uhm... c-chocolate... milk???" he blurted out, before realizing how stupid that was. Quickly, he stood up and left in a panic. "Chocolate milk..." he said as he closed the door and leaned against the wall. "I'm such an idiot..." He let out a loud sigh. 

A few minutes later, the bartender poked her head out the door. "Hey, you. Did you want some damn chocolate milk or not?"

Chrom jumped. "AAA! Uhm... S-sure...? I just got nervous and blurted out the first thing that came to mind... But if you have it, I'll take it, I guess."

"Right. And I would like to ask your name." She said, tapping her hand impatiently on the door. 

"W-what... My name? Why?"

"well, you're a lot more damn interesting than most of the stupid fucking drunks that are regulars here. I guess you could say I might want to get to know you."

"..Its Chrom." He replied after several moments of silence. He looked calm on the outside, but inside, he was freaking out. He didn't know why, he usually wasn't subject to social anxiety.

"My name is Natsuki. Now do you want chocolate milk or not? I don't want you wasting my time out here."

"Uhm.. yes, of course." Chrom went back inside and returned to his seat. The other two people besides Natsuki who were in the bar were looking at him, but he didn't pay attention to them.

Natsuki returned to her place behind the bar and found a carton of chocolate milk. She poured a glass and slid it over to Chrom.

Chrom attempted to pull out his wallet to pay, but was immediately interrupted.

"No need. It's on the house." Natsuki said as she returned the chocolate milk to the small mini fridge behind the counter. "You've had enough anxiety, it seems. No need to pay me."

"N-no! I insist!" Chrom pulled out a hundred dollar bill from his wallet and slammed it on the counter. "Keep all of it. I am not going to drink this chocolate milk until you take it."

Natsuki stared at Chrom like he was crazy. "You're... just giving me a hundred dollar bill...? That's kind of reckless, handing out money to people you just met..." She attempted to sound concerned and unwilling to take the money, but in reality, this was a lifesaver. She didn't get paid nearly enough, and if she couldn't afford to pay rent, she would have to live on the streets. This was a dingy old bar that barely got any customers, but she couldn't seem to find better work. She sighed and took the money and discreetly slipped it into her bra, since she left her wallet in her apartment. "Alright."

Satisfied, Chrom brought the glass of chocolate milk to his lips and began drinking it. Within a few minutes, the glass had been drained of liquid. When he set the glass down, he noticed a slip of paper next to him. 

"My number. In case you wanna keep in touch." Natsuki said as she began to clean off some dirty glasses.

"Oh, uh, yeah. Of course." Chrom said. He took the slip of paper and tucked it in his shirt pocket where he wouldn't lose it. "Just don't tell anyone we met here. My butler wouldn't be too happy if he knew I went to some dingy little bar."

"You... have a butler?" Natsuki raised her eyebrow. No wonder he was so willing to give up a 100 dollar bill and it wasn't a big deal to him.

"Yeah... but he acts like my dad or something. It's kind of annoying. But don't worry about that. I'll be sure to keep in touch." He smiled nervously, then left.

Natsuki sat there for a long time. Did a rich guy seriously walk into this tiny old bar? She didn't even know he was rich, he dressed more like a tourist than someone with a lot of money. After some time, she decided to not worry about it. At least she would have someone who was actually a decent person to talk to. As she closed up the bar for the night, she couldn't stop wondering about Chrom. It was so weird... She sighed as she closed the door and locked it. She would just have to wait and see if he would call. 
PKMN-Awakening: Chocolate Milk (modern au)
“yes, i know this is a bar but you’re a rlly hot bartender and i panicked and said “cHOCOLATE MILK” when you asked me what i wanted to drink, now i just want to crawl away and hide forever” au
:egg: egg 


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Nuggetcat Customs
My closed species. All customs will be 50 points for now.

Examples: Owain Nuggetcat by Trial-Of-The-Dragon Spoopy Nuggetcat Adopts (OPEN) by Trial-Of-The-Dragon


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